Mission Statement
To serve as a vehicle for the establishment of a liaison
with the Bishops High School Georgetown, Guyana,
encouraging the educational and intellectual
development of its students.
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Fundraising Goal for 2012
Students walking to school
Monument to National Unity
Bishop's High School
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history of donations
from 1995 to current.
Since our first donation in 1995 this chapter has
remained consistent with the  mission of ongoing
communication and support of our alma mater.

Our second goal is to donate bursaries to 2 or 3
deserving students to write the CSEC examination.   

Labor, Omnia Vincit
The BHS  Alumni
California Chapter
fundraising Goals for
2012 are to first, donate
$3,500  to Bishops’  High
School in Georgetown,  
Guyana and to continue
additional work on the
Science Labs.
This decision was based
on a request from the
Bishops’ High School as
this is a major area of
current  need.  Our other
international chapters
are also participating in
this project.