It seems like only yesterday that I was on the telephone with Gwen Stephenson-Mitchell of the Washington D.C.
Chapter, founder of these International Alumni Chapters and International Reunions, seeking advice and guidelines
for the formation of a California Chapter.  These discussions with Gwen were then followed by telephone calls to the
few surprised BHS alumni that I had ‘unearthed’ here in Northern and Southern California.  After all of the “how did
you find me conversations;  there are too few of us conversations;  we are living too far apart conversations  and  
does it make sense conversations”, nine of us met for lunch at an elegant hotel in Pasadena.  The rest is history.

In 1996 we became a formal non-profit organization.  This had to be dissolved in April 2014 due to lack of
membership growth, attrition and waning commitments.  We then became unable to perform the necessary
requirements for the successful management of a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization.  The alumni will however
continue to maintain contact as an informal group, so that any enterprising alumni can still organize social events
and fundraising events for our alma mater.

The energy of the early years was demonstrated by our willingness to travel many, many miles for chapter
meetings.  This travel even included some members from Southern California going by plane to meetings in
Northern California.  We were well rewarded for these trips, by the delicious lunches prepared by the meeting
hostesses and served on their best china.  At one such meeting we even had lunch with a Butler Service.  Our
public fund raising events were also all elegant affairs, ending with a themed Summer Garden Luncheon in 2012.  
The chapter owes a depth of gratitude to its members and many supporters who in one way or the other did what
they could to enhance and support all of our efforts.

The energy of those early years even propelled this then fledging chapter in 1996, to envision the possibility of
hosting an International Reunion.  We not only successfully hosted the 1999 Reunion at the Hyatt Alicante Hotel in
Anaheim, California, but we started this new trend of - CENTRALIZED  INTERNATIONAL  REUNIONS

Like all other chapters, our central purpose was to support the educational development of the students at our alma
mater.  This we consistently did beginning in 1995 with donations of 5 requested copies of the novel “Jazz” by Toni
Morrison, audio and video tapes for the English Department, audio tapes for the Language Lab and books on Art
and Music.  We ended in 2012 with a $1,800 donation as our contribution towards the repair of the science lab grill
work and sponsorship for fees for 2 deserving students to write the CSEC examination.

During the intervening years our donations have included assistance with the revitalizing of the school uniform
through annual donations of the school ties required for the students.  This was discontinued after 2006.  We made
donations of a wide assortment of science equipment and science glassware from an extensive list prepared by the

We made a special reunion donation in 1999 of 2 Pentium processing computers units, 2 color printers with surge
protectors and 10 compound microscopes.  We also contributed $700 towards the 2005 School’s Emergency Relief
Fund.  Our share of donations in 2008 for the major development project went towards the rehabilitation of the
Biology Labs was $4,300.  We donated a total of $6,275 towards the replacement of classroom furniture and
furniture for the Language Lab.  In 2011 we donated $600 towards the replacement of the school hymnals, Songs of

The chapter enjoyed a warm and cooperative contact with the Headmistress of the school and with the leadership of
the other chapters.  We had an excellent working relationship with the members of BHSOSA, on whom we relied for
the monitoring of our donations to the school.

Have a wonderful 11th International Reunion experience in your CENTRALIZED LOCATION in New York, the Big
Apple.  Congratulations and sincere thanks to the members of the New York Tri-State Chapter for hosting this
International Reunion.

The Members of The California Chapter
1996  -  2014
That was in 1994.  Twenty years ago.   How time flies!
And now the lily closes and we bid you adieu.