In March 1996 the chapter was incorporated as the Bishops' High School Alumni California Chapter, Inc.
and in June 1997 it was granted United States Federal Tax Exempt status as a 501(c)(3) Corporation. This non
political and not for profit organization is affiliated with the Bishops High School Old Students Association, in
Georgetown Guyana.
Founding Members
Back Row: Joan Dundas (Glasgow), Esmay Fraser (Wronge), Erma Walks (Alexander), Dianie
Clymer (Duff), Margaret Estwick (Glasgow)
Front Row: Marva Cummings (Scholl), Loretta Kiros (Braithwaite), Jacquey Paul, Thelma Pyne
In 1990 the synergy from the
reunion experience in Guyana
led to the first discussion and
informal meetings among a small
group of alumni in California on
the idea of a Bishop's High
School California Chapter.
There were, however, and still
are two main challenges to the
formation of a BHS Chapter in
California: a very small BHS
alumni base, and the
widespread geographical
location of those alumni.

The initial discussions stalled,
but were then resumed in April,
1994 when nine alumni met for
lunch in Pasadena, California.
The discussions were successful
and in February, 1995 officers
of the newly formed BHS
California Chapter were formally
installed. The First president
Irma Walks.
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read excerpts from the Installation  
President's message
President ..........Jacqueline Paul, M.D.    
Vice President...Joan Dundas          
Secretary....... ....Margaret Estwick          
Treasurer.... ......Desiree Slater          
Historian........ ....Rosalyne Gardiner
Executive Committee   
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the right to read excerpts from
the Installation Address by
Gordon Frasier
The Executive Committee was
formed, sworn in, and the future of
this new chapter began.
The Executive Committee has the general supervision and authority for the
affairs of the organization. The committee consists of a President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer and Historian, and each is elected by
alumni members at the Annual General Meeting. The term of office for
each  officer is two years, and no officer is eligible to serve more than two
consecutive terms. The By-laws are reviewed at ever Annual General

While we are clearly involved in our current lives focusing on family, careers, and continued development, we
have not forgotten about the cultural experiences that shaped our outlook. As Such, we encourage all of our
visitors  to visit the
BHSOSA Express site as well.
This site is filled with current information about
Bihops' High School and its future projects.
Our support for its success is endless.

Stabroek News  is another site for current
information about Guyana and our schools'