The Fashion Show
It was whispered how the shape of the Earrings complimented the Neck Line Cut that complimented the
Design on the See Through Top.
Again the Neck Wear complimented the  Neck Line Cut of
the Tie-Dye Summer Dress
The Mystery in Red and Black - with Jewelry complimenting in color, design, length and drape  -  revealed.

This  scarf-coat is hand
beaded with a variety of bugle
beads, seed beads, and
various sequins on silk
burn-out velvet.
Available in regular, "one
size", and "plus size"

Remember when shopping
was fun and there were lots of
choices and it came in your
size and when you were
finished you didn't look like
everyone else? And of
course, you looked great
and felt good and you could
get excited about what you'd

Welcome to Annie's

This is a Fashion Show where the jewelry is as much a star as the
After 30+ years with just a "brick and
mortar" store ( and by popular demand)
we are proud to bring you
online store!

Just click
begin shopping on line.

We carry wonderful women's
clothing in sizes XS-2X for a
woman with curves and

Some of our major suppliers
Tianello (with their incredible
Tercel!) and other
natural fibers

Bestow Jeans (Yes, some
jeans really do fit!)

Necessitees (Great
knits-lots of colors)

Shoes to go with everything!
Red Hat merchandise,

We take great pride in helping
you to choose the perfect new
outfit or a whole new
Although you may be
visiting this site from the
comfort of your home or
office in London,
Canada, New York,
Washington D. C. or
Guyana, thanks to the
world wide web and the
visionaries at Annie's
Scandals, the exclusive
sponsor of the 2009 BHS
California Chapter
Fashion Show, you are
one click away from
shopping at this well
established yet
fashionable Southern
California Store.

For that fresh, modern,
comfortable, stylish and
Timelessly  Classy look
Annie's on-line.